Empowering MENA investment professionals with the necessary tools and information

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We collect, aggregate, verify and cross-check data


Using our accurate and aggregated data, investment professionals stay up-to-date with the MENA trends and make informed business decisions.

Investment Funds
M&A Transactions
Public Tenders
Public Companies
Private Companies
Research Reports
Private Projects


Teaser Platform
  • Cloud-Based
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Graphics and Visualizations
  • Powerful search filters

Corporate Data

  • 7,000+

    Private Companies

    20% with Financial Reports

  • 3,800+

    M&A Deals

    25% with Deal Multiples

  • 45,000

    Public Tenders

  • 700+

    Public Companies

  • 1,200+

    Investment Funds

  • 8,600+

    Private Projects

About Us

Teaser Platform is a state-of-the-art web-based financial platform that aims to empower MENA investment professionals with the necessary insights, information, and data needed to conduct informed investment decisions.

Teaser is a technology company powered by a sizable team of research analysts with diversified backgrounds, nationalities, continents and languages proficiency with accumulated years of industry experience.

The company flagship product Teaser Platform is designed to serve Buy-side Analysts, Investment Bankers, Wealth Managers, Institutional Investors, Investment Companies, Consultants, Private Equity Firms, Financial Advisors, Government Authorities and other key players in the Financial Services Industry.

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