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What is Teaser Platform?

Teaser Platform is a robust, easy to use, online platform that empower investment professionals in the MENA region with accurate data and information about the MENA financial markets.

Is Teaser Platform completely online?

Yes! Teaser Platform is completely online. It does not require you to download any software.

Do you offer a free trial?

You can request a demo by clicking on “Request Demo” found on the home page or you can contact us directly at sales@teaser.co

Who would benefit from Teaser Platform?

Teaser Platform is designed to serve Buy-side Analysts, Investment Bankers, Wealth Managers, Institutional Investors, Investment Companies, Consultants, Private Equity Firms, Financial Advisors, Government Authorities, and other key players in the Financial Services Industry.

Who is the team behind Teaser?

We recruit the best of the best. We combine technology with high-caliber research analysts with diversified backgrounds, nationalities, and different language proficiencies with accumulated years of industry experience.

Where is the company based?

Teaser Economic Research Company is headquartered in Kuwait with teams working across Egypt and Lebanon

How can I become a member?

You can request a demo or contact us at our email sales@teaser.co or phone number +965 22461581

Which countries does the Platform cover?

We currently cover all countries within the MENA region and working on expanding our coverage to include a wider set of markets.

What are the sections provided?

Our database covers Public Companies, Private Companies, M&A Transactions, Investment Funds, Private Projects, IPOs, Research Library, News, and Disclosures with new sections being released soon.

What screening tools can I use?

Teaser Platform provides countless screening tools including, but not limited to, detailed search filtration regarding basic and financial information, graphical visualizations, and comparison tables.

Can I download results?

Yes, you can! Some results can be downloaded into an excel sheet such as financial information and other results can be downloaded as a PDF such as financial reports, disclosures, and research content.

Are trading prices delayed or real-time?

Currently, trading prices or LTPs (Last Traded Prices) are delayed by 24 hrs.

How often does data get updated?

Data get updated on a regular basis. We are keen on keeping our database updated as our team upload published reports as soon as they get released.

Can I create a watchlist?

Teaser provides for its users the ability to follow and create a watchlist not only for companies but also for M&As, Projects, Individuals, and Investors.

How can I learn how to use the Platform?

We are in the process of creating short informative videos on how to navigate the Platform and use its tools. Meanwhile, we are here to help. Kindly contact us at info@teaser.co.

What browsers work best for Teaser Platform?

All kind of browsers.

Not finding what you are looking for? We are here to help!

You can email us at info@teaser.co or give us a call at +965 22461581